Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Cape May Stage is Southern New Jersey’s premier Equity theater. We are committed to producing entertaining, and intellectually and emotionally provocative theater, while striving to achieve the highest level of artistic excellence. 

Our Vision

Cape May Stage is recognized as one of the Mid-Atlantic’s leading professional Equity theaters and most significant cultural assets. We are a place where audience members can experience plays with timely themes that resonate locally, nationally, and around the world. We inspire nationally recognized actors and artists to partner with us and perform on our stage, and we provide a dynamic incubator for the creation and staging of new works. We are also a leader in championing theater arts in our community and helping to drive economic growth in our region. 

Our Values

  • Theater has the power to break down barriers, find common ground, and foster tolerance and compassion.
  • Celebrating community and diversity are cornerstones of our identify as a theater. 
  • Risk-taking and experimentation are central to our pursuit of artistic excellence. 
  • Developing new plays and nurturing playwrights, actors, designers, and directors serves to broaden and enrich our repertoire.
  • Theater contributes to the growth and economic vitality of our region.
  • Our financial health and efficient use of resources determine our operational success and ability to adapt to changing times. 

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